Through testing and evaluation, Evidence2Success aims to demonstrate that cities can improve young people’s well-being at the community level by:

·   Forming partnerships that engage elected officials, public agencies and the community in working together to improve child well-being.

·   Collecting and analyzing data to establish priorities based on kids’ strengths and needs.

·   Selecting evidence-based programs that focus on prevention and early intervention, instead of waiting until after problems occur to intervene.

·   Analyzing the effectiveness of current investments and shifting a percentage of funding toward evidence-based programs.

Meet the Director: Astrid Craig

Astrid Craig currently serves as the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer for Dallas County. Astrid joined the Dallas County Juvenile Probation staff in 2013, after leaving her position as the Program Manager for The Bridge at the Davis Treatment Center in Montgomery, Alabama. During her previous employment she oversaw the daily operations of youth court ordered to a therapeutic behavioral modification program and previously served as a case manager for the Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority. Astrid is the graduate of the University Alabama, where she earned a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Astrid is most passionate about her ability to impact the lives of youth in a meaningful way. She realizes that some youth that are involved in the court system may not receive the services they need without court intervention. Thus, she sees it as imperative that the Juvenile Probation Staff and other support agencies carefully evaluate and refer youth to services that will address any delinquency or other concerning issues.

Astrid is excited about her opportunity to provide intervention services for youth in Selma because the community is filled with creative individuals who are concerned about the well-being of youth in this community. It is this creative spirit and love for our community that makes the perfect opportunity to help the youth of Dallas County become positive and influential leaders of tomorrow.