The Compass Evening Reporting Program (CERP) is a court ordered intervention/prevention program for juvenile delinquents in Dallas County.  Operating at Hope Academy, the CERP offers an alternative for youth who would otherwise be committed to the Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS) or detained in the Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center. 

Offering an alternative to being sent away from the community, this program enlists community leaders to help through education, counseling and mentoring these teens every day after school.  This fifty-five day program is broken into levels in which each client must successfully complete.  As the client moves through each level, the staff's ongoing encouragement results in more positive behaviors and increased participation. Each client has an individual treatment plan which allows the staff the opportunity to get to know the specific needs of the client in order to assist them in achieving success. 

The Compass Program has been in operation in Dallas County since 2010 and has been successful in decreasing commitments to DYS and has made a positive impact on those youth who have graduated the program.